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Working together to prioritize national protection against Covid-19 – PACMAT Niue
Updates / News , 12 Apr 22
In a recent interview for Te Ao Māori News for Māori Television, Mr Renee Mose, Team leader for the recent Niue deployment of the Pasifika Medical Association’s (PMA) Medical Assistance Team (PACMAT), shared about the work he and his team undertook while in Niue.

“Niue was Covid free and so they hadn’t had any confirmed cases. They wanted some support to review their protocols; to hear some of our learnings so they could tailor it to fit Niue to prepare for once they did receive a case at the border or in the community. 

We were in isolation for about ten days and it [Niue] was still Covid free. We came out of isolation and did some field work for about 20 days and they had their first case through the border”, says Mr Mose. 

Mr Mose acknowledged the Niue Department of Health for their openness and willingness to learn and take on the advice from the PACMAT Niue team who were there to support their Covid-19 national response. 

“We shared how we were able to manage it in New Zealand and they took it on board, tailored it to suit them and they were able to manage that case. No other cases came from that border case.

They did have more cases that came through the border just recently and we’re still in contact with them if they have any queries, but everything at the moment is in order and under control.”

As part of their deployment, the PACMAT team also facilitated training sessions around the use of masks, testing and IPC (infection, prevention, control) measures. 


Watch the full interview here.


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Date: Tuesday 12 April 2022