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Prosperous Pacific
Working together to meet the health needs of Pacific people in the region
The Pasifika Medical Association Group (PMAG) is the shareholder and owner of the Pasifika Medical Association Membership, Pasifika Futures Ltd and Etu Pasifika Ltd. We are internationally and nationally renowned for various services to Pacific regional health and services to Pacific communities.
Supporting our people
PMAG sets the strategic direction for all the associated entities and monitors performance, provides governance and management support to the entities and drives the development of an investment portfolio of assets to ensure ongoing sustainability.
Key Areas of Focus
  • Strong strategic partnerships that influence and impact our communities
  • Strategic investments that provide a sustainable future
  • Increased clinical, academic and professional workforce
  • Increased number of Pacific people in leadership roles
  • Regional disaster support for Pacific countries
Health & Medical
The health and medical needs of our Pacific people are at the heart of all our work. The Pasifika Medical Association is a network of Pacific health professionals, working collaboratively to strengthen Pacific health workforce capacity and capability and meet the health needs of our Pacific people in New Zealand and in the Pacific region.
We are committed to building Pacific families’ health and wellbeing. Through Etu Pasifika Ltd, we are able to provide integrated healthcare to our vibrant Pacific community in the Canterbury region and through Pasifika Futures Ltd – the Pacific Whānau Ora Commissioning Agency we provide support across the whole country, working closely with our partners to shape a better future for our Pacific families.
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