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“We understand that pets are part of the family” – support above and beyond
Updates / News , 15 Dec 21
Pasifika Futures (PFL) - the Whānau Ora commissioning agency for Pacific families - has been steadfast in their provision of support for Pacific families during the Delta community outbreak and one of the support services for families has been pet care for Pacific families isolating in MIQ.

In partnership with SPCA, PFL has supported 44 dogs, 29 cats, 1 chicken and 1 goldfish. PFL partner, The Fono, has helped to mobilize the support whilst Pacific families were isolating.

For a 22-year-old Tongan woman and her family, being away from their two dogs was a difficult reality to face. 

“I worried for them the day they left until the last day of isolation, wondering if they’re okay and being fed. I always thought that they’re probably thinking they misbehaved at home and that’s why they were taken away. 

I had requested that they be in the same cage as they’d feel much better and safer being together. It was a whole routine change for them and all I thought about was them being scared, worried and feeling abandoned by me.”

However, her anxiety quickly subsided the moment she was reunited with her dogs. 

“They came back looking fit, healthy and well fed; I think they even gained a bit of weight. I was more worried about their behaviour as being locked away can change a dog’s temperament, however it was like they were never locked up. 

Caesar and Milo were well taken care of and we’re just happy to have them back healthy”.

While offering care and shelter for animals temporarily separated from their owners, SPCA also provided pets with free vaccinations, microchipping and desexing.

SPCA Operations Manager, Sam Powell, says SPCA is proud to have offered support through Pasifika Futures and The Fono, to families isolating away from their pets. 

“For many pet owners, the thought of leaving their animal because they have to go into isolation is incredibly stressful, so we’re glad to be able to help in any way we can, whether it’s by boarding their animal while they’re away or helping them to make alternative care arrangements.

We’ve said from the start of this Delta outbreak that we’re here to support anyone who needs it, and we will continue to make sure no pet is left uncared for so their owners can have peace of mind while in isolation.”

PFL’s Whānau Ora Support Services Lead, Luana Clifford, says the support from PFL to Pacific families during the Delta outbreak remains a priority.

“We understand that pets are part of the family so it was important we offered that support and reassured families that their pets were being taken care of.  

We are still seeing Pacific families being affected by the Delta outbreak so we will continue to mobilize the appropriate support that they need during this time.”


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Date: Wednesday 15 December 2021