Vanuatu intern doctors experience PMA conference first hand
Updates / Events, 1 Oct 15
A group of fourteen newly trained Ni Vanuatu doctors were delighted to be part of the Pasifika Medical Association (PMA) Conference in Port Vila this week.

President of Vanuatu His Excellency Mr Baldwin Lonsdale acknowledged the interns at the official opening of the conference.

“Your achievements and services to Vanuatu doesn’t go unnoticed.”

His Excellency words were no doubt an inspiration to the new doctors, calling for humility and patience, and a caring spirit when servicing their people.

One of the intern, Vega Robsen said he is very pleased and honoured to have been given the opportunity to be part of the conference which is fascinating and immensely rewarding.

The interns’ training committee member and head of surgery Vanuatu Dr Basil Leodoro is extremely excited for these new doctors taking part in the conference which gives them an opportunity to network as they embark on their medical practise.

“The number of medical graduates arriving back to Vanuatu this year is unprecedented and this is great for our Island.”

The Intern Training programme was set up by the Vanuatu Ministry of Health in collaboration with senior Ni Vanuatu doctors and development partners.

“The programme is a scaled up, high quality, robust, national internship programme.”

“The programme ensures that returning graduates can be supported to enter the medical workforce and I look at opportunities like these as a chance for them to network, share advice, knowledge and grow as medical doctors ,” says Dr Leodoro.

Having Vanuatu to host the PMA conference comes at a greater time.

“It is pleasing to see them part of the conference before they branch out to different specialties such as surgery, medicine, anaesthetics, obstetrics and gynaecologists to name a few.”

The trainee interns will be assessed as competent and safe clinicians in their training after six years of studying in Cuba, Fiji and China.