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Tongan based PMA member acknowledges support and donations for Tonga
Updates / Community , 25 Mar 22
Pediatric Doctor at Vaiola Hospital in Tonga and PMA Member, Dr Flora Lutui, has been volunteering with PMA’s Medical Assistance Team (PACMAT) in their preparations to send over a container of medical supplies, requested by the Ministry of Health in Tonga to support their relief efforts after natural disasters and now a Covid-19 community outbreak.

Dr Lutui was due to return to Tonga earlier this year but with the tsunami and volcanic eruption in January, she ended up being grounded in Auckland. However, while here in Auckland she has been encouraged by the overwhelming response from people to help Tonga. 

“It’s been great seeing people donate and help the people of Tonga in their time of need. It’s also been really heartwarming to see prominent figures sacrifice their time to help get donations and send these to Tonga.”

Dr Lutui acknowledges one of the organizations, Medical Aid Abroad (MAA), for their donation of medical supplies. 

“They have been so generous and have given a lot of equipment. Tonga has given a list of urgent needs and MAA has donated most of the list.”

MAA has donated supplies and equipment such as medication, PPE, bandages, hand sanitizers and wheelchairs. 

Dr Lutui encourages anyone with a medical background interested in being involved with offering support to Tonga, to get in touch with PMA. 

“They are rounding up deployment teams to send to Tonga in this time of need for different things, especially as they try to fight the current Covid outbreak.

If you want to volunteer your expertise, get in touch with PMA and they will advise you of any opportunities to get involved.”

More information about the PACMAT team can be found here

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