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“To support as much as I can, wherever I can” PACMAT Tonga 2022
Updates / News , 20 Apr 22
Antonio Filimoehala is part of the Medical Assistance team (PACMAT) deployed to Tonga and he is looking forward to offering his expertise as a counsellor to support the relief effort in the Kingdom.

“My role that I’ll be taking on in Tonga is to be a counsellor. What that entails, is me supporting our families through talanoa, brief intervention, listening to the team who are experts in this area and to support as much as I can wherever I can.”

The opportunity is one Mr Filimoehala embraces with humility and respect.

“The key word that comes to mind is serving my people back in Tonga; the land that my grandfather, my mother and my father grew up in. 

This is dear to my heart to support our people, especially with the tragedy that has happened in Tonga.”

This deployment is funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


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Date: Wednesday 20 April 2022