Sir Collin Tukuitonga appointed as a Fellow for the International Science Council
Updates / News, 20 Dec 23
The Pasifika Medical Association (PMA) congratulates PMA Board Director, Sir Collin Tukuitonga, on his appointment as a Fellow for the International Science Council (ISC). Recognised for his contributions to Pacific health in his capacity as a Public Health and Policy expert, Sir Tukuitonga joins over 100 new fellows to support the ISC in their mission of promoting science as a global public good.

Reflecting on the appointment, Sir Tukuitonga is honoured to be acknowledged for his contributions on a global platform.  

"The International Science Council is the premier organisation globally that promotes the use of science. It's important that we continue to promote the use of science in decision making as well as create pathways for young people who want to pursue a career based on science. 

"I feel privileged to be bestowed the fellowship and recognise the people that has helped me to get there; my colleagues in the different places I've worked as well as my family." 

Sir Tukuitonga will Co-chair a committee to establish a science academy in the Pacific region and looks forward to helping further develop the use of science to highlight issues being faced in the Pacific Islands. 

"I plan to put more effort into supporting the establishment of the academy, which will be a first for the Pacific, with the intention of creating resources, finding funds to support research and creating pathways for young people. 

"I also think the climate crisis and its impact on health is a top priority for me. We expect that climate change will make it harder to access clean water in small island states, threaten food security and people's livelihoods, so it's something I definitely want to place emphasis on." 

PMA CEO, Debbie Sorensen, acknowledges Sir Tukuitonga's recent achievement. 

"We applaud Sir Collin for his distinguished appointment as an ISC Fellow, reinforcing the importance of science in addressing global challenges.  

"As a well-respected member and colleague of our PMA family, we are confident that his leadership and expertise will be invaluable and look forward to his significant contribution to the council's vision."