PMA welcomes inaugural cohort of 12 week micro-credential course
Updates / News, 28 Feb 24
The Pasifika Medical Association (PMA) Group, through the PMA Knowledge Hub, hosted the inaugural cohort of its 12 week micro-credential course, developed in partnership with the University of Auckland. The commencement of the course will see students navigate various material, equipping them with the knowledge and skillset to contribute to improving the wellbeing outcomes for Pacific families.

PMA Group Board Director and Co-Director for Te Poutoko Ora a Kiwa (Centre for Pacific and Global Health), Sir Collin Tukuitonga, welcomed students and affirmed their aspiration to serve Pacific communities and families.

“This is the first ever micro-credential course through a collaboration between PMA and the University of Auckland, and it will be exciting to see how this programme continues to grow in the coming years.

“You all deserve to be here, and this is a space you all belong in. This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to our Pacific communities.”

PMA CEO, Debbie Sorensen, says the learnings students will undertake is essential in understanding the healthcare challenges facing Pacific communities.

“The course has been set up to help students understand how they can contribute to the betterment of the wellbeing of Pacific families. Many of the students in this course work in spaces with Pacific families so this is a great opportunity for them to upskill.

“We’re very excited to deliver this course alongside the University of Auckland and are grateful that through our partnership, we’re able to provide a platform for students to grow in their leadership and to strengthen their toolbox of knowledge.”

The 12 week micro-credential course cohort is made up of mostly Whānau Ora Navigators; a key component of the course is understanding the application of the Whānau Ora model to ensure better wellbeing outcomes for Pacific families.