PMA signs partnership agreement with Te Marae Ora Ministry of Health Cook Islands at PMA Conference 2023
Updates / News, 15 Sep 23
The Pasifika Medical Association (PMA) and Te Marae Ora (TMO) Cook Islands Ministry of Health proudly announced their partnership at the 2023 PMA Conference in Aitutaki, Cook Islands. This significant event included the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between PMA and TMO, symbolising their shared commitment to addressing community priorities, extending beyond the healthcare sector.

Debbie Sorensen, Chief Executive for PMA, emphasised the importance of this partnership. 

“This solidifies the steady relationship between PMA and the Cook Islands, not just in health but with the Cook Islands community.” 

“The signing of this document formalises our partnership, outlining our shared priorities, which revolve around the health and well-being of our families, communities, organisations, and our enduring legacy." 

The MOU outlines key commitments, including support for the development of primary care services and patient referral systems for Cook Island patients in New Zealand. 

Bob Williams, Secretary of Health for the Cook Islands, commented on the significance of the partnership. 

"The signing of this MOU is a major milestone as we formalise our collaboration with PMA. Together, we are dedicated to supporting the development of primary care services in the Cook Islands, ensuring that our communities have access to high-quality healthcare within close reach." 

"Our partnership also encompasses efforts to strengthen the capacity and expertise of our healthcare workforce. We envision valuable exchanges and investments in Cook Islands health workers, cultivating a skilled and dedicated healthcare workforce for the benefit of our community." 

The MOU will focus on reinforcing workforce capacity through exchanges and investments in Cook Islands health workers, promoting information sharing, and enhancing emergency response capabilities.