PMA Knowledge Hub: 'Learning is a continuous and invaluable endeavour'
Updates / Community, 29 Apr 24
Joanna Williams, a dedicated stay-at-home mom and entrepreneur, is currently delving into the journey of Pasifika Medical Association (PMA) Knowledge Hub's micro-credential course, delivered in partnership with the University of Auckland (UoA). Balancing her role as a mother of three with her small businesses, Joanna has found solace and purpose in her endeavours, which have sustained her family for the past decade.

Of Cook Islands descent, Joanna describes her life as a single mother, stating, “I’ve got 3 kids, 15-year-old, 13-year-old, and 10-year-old. My businesses have helped me to make ends meet and be able to stay at home with the kids while they’re at school.”  

Her eldest daughter, diagnosed with autism, requires home-schooling. Driven by her love for her children, she utilises her businesses as a means of support and flexibility. 

Regarding her engagement with the micro-credential course, Joanna shares her initial thoughts and evolving perspectives. 

“I’m finding the course really interesting and opening my eyes to a lot,” she expresses. “At the beginning, I thought it was quite full-on, the courses were quite intense, especially with starting off learning about migration. But I can see as the course goes on, things are starting to fall into place.”  

Through this educational journey, Joanna finds motivation and inspiration, expanding her understanding of various topics, including migration and its societal impacts. A pivotal aspect of Joanna’s ethos is her belief in lifelong learning, which she passionately imparts to her children.  

“Based on the micro-credential course I try to teach my kids that the main thing is never stop learning,” she asserts.  

Despite being 51 years old, Joanna’s dedication to education knows no bounds. She acknowledges her children’s confusion at her academic pursuits, yet remains steadfast in her conviction that learning is a continuous and invaluable endeavour. 

“My kids tell me ‘mum you are 51 years-old how can you be going to school and having assignments?’ They are not realizing that you can keep learning and you don’t have to stop. However, my kids are happy for me,” she reflects with pride.  

While navigating the intricate balance of motherhood, entrepreneurship, and education, Joanna steadfastly upholds her commitment to lifelong learning.