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PACMAT ready to mobilize when called upon by Tonga
Updates / News , 20 Jan 22
The Pasifika Medical Association (PMA) is prepared to mobilize the necessary support for Tonga, following the devastating impacts of a volcanic eruption and tsunami on the small but proud island nation.

PMA’s Pasifika Medical Assistance Team (PACMAT) is on standby to deploy an experienced and specialized team of doctors, nurses and technical support workers. 

In an interview for 1 News, PMA CEO, Debbie Sorensen, says more information is coming to light which improves their understanding of the situation and they can accommodate accordingly. 

“We are hearing more as assessments are being done on the outer islands about injuries. We know that there’s a significant issue around really large ashfall.

For people that might have asthma or respiratory conditions…that's going to require extra health assistance.”

PMA’s Regional Emergency Response Manager, Melissa Fidow, reassures the community that the deployment team being assembled have the experience and skills to provide immediate support when required. 

“Everyone has experience in deployment in the region. Our last mission being the measles outbreak in Samoa and prior to that, Cyclone Gita in Tonga.”

More information about the PACMAT team can be found here

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