NZMJ: Cancer outcomes in New Zealand compared to other countries
Updates / News, 8 Mar 24
This edition’s editorial piece is written by Mark Elwood. Its title, Cancer outcomes in New Zealand and other countries: how are we doing?

To summarise,  
“Cancer outcomes in New Zealand are not as good as those in Australia or some other countries for most cancers.  
Reasons include lower funding, fewer staff and equipment, barriers to investigations from primary care and fewer medicines funded.” 
There are also six other articles available for reading, one viewpoint article titled “Simulation in New Zealand: what have you done for me lately? New Zealand Association for Simulation in Healthcare (NZASH) white paper” written by a strong line up, Maggie Meeks, Brad Peckler, Raewyn Lesa, Trish Wood, Tracey Bruce, Michael Sheedy, Chris White, John Dean, Patrick Armstrong, Arthur McTavish, Christine Beasley and Paul Winder. 

The summary reads as,   
”This white paper on healthcare simulation in New Zealand outlines the uses and capabilities of simulation for education, training, interprofessional learning, licensure and ongoing professional development.  
This manuscript describes how simulation can help Te Whatu Ora with some of the current challenges our healthcare system faces. The authors provide the first comprehensive list of hospital-based simulation resources for New Zealand.”  
Featuring in this March edition is also a case report that follows the herpes simplex encephalitis mimicking a primary intracerebral haemorrhage.  
An interesting and informative report by Hulya Erdogan, Musab Eltahir, Gopinath Ramadurai, and neurologist, Tarig Abkur. 
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