New year, new look: The New Zealand Medical Journal to launch new website and free open access model
Updates / News, 10 Jan 24
The New Zealand Medical Journal (NZMJ) will launch its new website and branding, now offering a free open access model for subscribers on Friday 19 January. Owned by the Pasifika Medical Association Group (PMAG), the NZMJ is the principal scientific journal for the medical profession in New Zealand and has become a fundamental resource for providing research and written pieces from the health and medical industry.

NZMJ Editor-in-Chief, Professor Frank Frizelle, explains what this means for readers.  

"Open access removes the obstacle of a paywall that many journals use to help fund their journal. As such it allows all those interested to read the article and in doing so increases articles exposure, fuelling discussion about the topic and likely citation.  

"This increased knowledge is good for patients and doctors alike as access to knowledge is a major barrier to providing adequate healthcare." 

The NZMJ has been New Zealand's premier medical publication for 136 years. The launch reflects a refreshed approach to continuing the legacy of the NZMJ while increasing accessibility and improving the user experience for navigating the journal.  

"The Pasifika Medical Association Group (PMAG) own the journal and have made a substantial investment in the journal, upgrading the website and sorting out the deferred maintenance issues that existed, and in increasing the staffing to functional levels." 

"This investment has revitalised the journal. The alignment of the NZMJ with PMAG means that the journal can increase the support for Pacific healthcare research through increasing education of manuscript preparation and the editing process." 

Individuals are now able to subscribe to the NZMJ for free, both within New Zealand and overseas. Institutional subscribers are encouraged to pay a fee for a subscription. 

The next issue of the NZMJ will be released next week on the new website. For more information or to subscribe, please contact