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International Nurses Day 2023: Seini Falefata
Updates / Community, 12 May 23
Seini Falefata is a highly experienced nurse who has dedicated her career to providing exceptional service to those in need. Seini is a Registered Nurse at Etu Pasifika Canterbury under the Ngalu Fanifo Mental Health service. She comes with a wealth of knowledge and expertise and has served on multiple emergency response deployments as part of PMA's PACMAT team; most recently part of the psychosocial team deployed to Vanuatu following the impact of cyclones in the region.

What islands & villages do you come from? 

I am from the villages of Ha’atafu, Kolovai, Vaini, Ma’ufanga in the Tongatapu Island of Tonga. 

What drove you to pursue a career in nursing? 

When I migrated to NZ in 2002, I was not aware of what Pasifika Health looked like until I worked for a Well Child service as a Karitane (community health worker). It was challenging to know how to support our Pasifika families but not being heard when advocating for them because the registered nurse was the case manager. My solution to this challenge was to become a registered nurse myself so that I can at least have a step in a door and echo my voice in advocating for the care of Pasifika families. 

The best thing about being a nurse is.. 

Meeting people from different walks in life, hearing their stories and knowing that I will be part of their journey. 

When you’re not at work, what do you do to practise self-care? 

My faith gets me through, so I usually do something that fulfils my spiritual self. 

Every other time is spent doing admin, uber, chef, laundromat, mediator, ATM, cleaner and the list goes on for my family (village). This is why my self-care is going to work haha.  

What’s your piece of advice for anyone who is wanting to become a nurse? 

Our Pasifika people need you so JUST DO IT! YOU ARE PACIFIC SO YOU ARE BORN READY!