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“I grew up in Tonga; my family is from Tonga” PACMAT Tonga 2022
Updates / News , 21 Apr 22
Mary-Rose Muller is part of the Medical Assistance team (PACMAT) deployed to Tonga and is an experienced Mental Health Registered Nurse.

“This is not just a professional trip, it’s a personal trip as well. I grew up in Tonga; my family is from Tonga.

Being able to go back and help our own people, that means a great deal to me in itself, giving back to the community after being there for so many years.”

As a Mental Health Nurse, her expertise will prove useful to support families affected by the recent disasters in Tonga.

“My responsibility primarily will be dealing with people who have experienced trauma, PTSD, particularly after everything that’s happened in Tonga; the tsunami and now Covid-19.”

She sees this as an opportunity to help her people and she looks forward to offering support to families in need of mental health support.

This deployment is funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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Date: Thursday 21 April 2022

PACMAT Tonga Team 2022: Mary-Rose Muller