"Be a champion" - Dr Maryann Heather encourages returning students
Updates / News, 27 Feb 24
Dr Maryann Heather, Board Member for Pasifika Medical Association (PMA) Membership and Senior Lecturer for the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Medical and Health Science, has served in the medical field for twenty-five years, working both in primary care and as an educator. Currently the Clinical Director at Etu Pasifika South Auckland, Dr Heather is an avid champion for investing knowledge and skills into the next generation of healthcare specialists. 

As the new semester begins for most university students in New Zealand, Dr Heather offers words of advice for those who have committed to upskilling themselves through their studies. 

“Be organised with your time, and make time for self-care, stay connected with support networks. Don't leave things until the last minute and if you are struggling, ask for help from your tutors and lecturers. But most of all, enjoy being a student.” 

 With her wealth of experience, Dr Heather encourages students to utilise their knowledge to improve outcomes for their communities.  

“Beyond study, whatever the area you choose, go beyond and try to make a difference for our Pacific community. Be an advocate, be a champion, be a voice. Love the work you do as that will influence those around you.” 

Dr Heather and PMA wishes all students the very best with their studies for 2024.